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Tang Band W8-1772 Mass-Loaded TL

The TT-2000 is an outgrowth of the FT-2000. When the Tang Band W8-1772 appeared, it looked like a good candidate for a MLTL cabinet. Indeed, it turns out that the W8-1772 is a drop-in replacement for the Fostex FE207E. The W8-1772 costs tweice as much as the FE207E, but is well worth the price. It is more rubust driver, capable of more snap and presence in the upper bass. It also has a much more extended top end and has no need for a helper tweeter. I find this driver very satisfying for long listening sessions with no fatique. Also, this is one full-range speaker that can do justice to heavier rock genre.


Quarter-wave Resonator Cabinet (MLTL)

Dimensions: 43" x 11 1/2" x 12 3/4"

Weight 60 lb.

F3 = 50Hz, F10 = 35Hz

Frequency Response Chart

TT-2000 Frequency Response

I offer limited custom production here at Hot Springs Village, AR. I will provide plans, flats and completed speakers. Of course, prices may vary at my whim or due to the cost of materials. Since I am doing one-off production, I get no discounts from suppliers. I simply pass on the actual cost of drivers and filter parts. The current price list is:

Plans1 $25
Flats2 $395
Complete Speakers3 TT-2000 $2195 Contact Me!


Prices are for two cabinets or speakers, delivered at Hot Springs Village AR 71909. Prices All shipping and handling is included. The standard material is 3/4" high quality plywood. Non-standard materials or finish are negotiable. If you feel that you will need grills, see Grills.

  1. Plans will be delivered as PDF documents attached to e-mail. Snail mail delivery can be arranged.
  2. Flats include all panels and braces ready for glue-up. The plinth and false baffle are drilled for mounting screws. Drivers, filters, lining material and all hardware will be provided by the customer.
  3. Complete speakers are ready to hook up to your amplifier, except that the bases need to be installed. Drivers and all hardware are included. The filter will be installed unless arranged otherwise. The standard finish is quarter-cut red oak veneer, stained to your specification and finished with a tung oil finish. For more information about available finishes, see Fit and Finish.

The FT-2000 uses proprietary design procedures licensed to me by Martin J. King. Any commercial use of this design, including third-party construction for hire, requires a license agreement from me.

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