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Product Upgrades

Because each of my speakers is a custom build, any and all components may be replaced with components of the customer's choice. I have listed here a few upgrades that are common enough to warrant advertising.

Phase Plugs

Phase Plugs

Phase plugs get a lot of hype, but they do work. The main affect that I hear is a reduction is sibilance in female voice. I find phase plug to be a good upgrade and recommend them. The phase plugs are supplied by Planet-10 Hi-Fi. Price installed is $50 for the FE167E and $75 for the FE207 (the DX3's come with phase plugs standard). Standard colors are black and natural alder wood.

EnABLed Drivers


EnABLed FE167E supplied by Planet-10 Hi-Fi

Stelth EnABLe

EnABLed FE167E in "Stealth Mode"

The EnABL process involves an over coating with a PVA sealant and then a series of painted "dots". The PVA coating seals the top layer of fibers and significantly reduces internal noise (cone cry). The pattern of dots reduce turbulence as the sound waves move outward along the cone surface. For further information about the EnABL process, please read THIS. Phase plugs that have EnABLE dots are included.

I did an extensive comparison of stock FE167E's and EnABLed FE167E's in my FT-1600 MkII speakers. The review is HERE. In short, the EnABLed drivers have a smoother sound with less of the "edge" of a paper cone but retain the single driver sound. They have a very low fatigue factor and are ideal for long listening sessions.

FE167eN and FE207eN drivers are available for an upgrade price of $250. The drivers are provided by Planet-10 Hi-Fi on a special order basis. Expect a six week lead time for these drivers. The standard finish is either black or brown dots on the natural color cones. The "Stealth Mode" finish has dots of the same color as the cones. The stealth dots are not detectable beyond about three feet.

Electrical Upgrades.

Because each pair of speakers I sell is a custom order, substitution of upgrade parts are available upon request. In most cases, I will charge only the difference in the price of the standard item and the upgrade item.

Standard parts are:

Packaged upgrade for $200

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