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Mark Audio Alpair 10M.3/10P.1

Mass-Loaded Transmission Line

Last Modified 3/6/14

M10-A10             M10-A10

The M10-A10 speaker is a mass-loaded transmission line with a nominal length of 40". The Alpair 10 driver has built in baffle step correction and with a Xmax of 8mm, this driver can be run low and hard (within reason, of course) like no other  5-inch class  driver I have encountered. As with all of my speakers, this speaker is designed to reproduce the more intimate genre, Baroque and early classic, jazz trio and female voice, although they handle the larger forms quite credibly.

The Alpair 10 gives you the detail you would expect , yet it does not have the tizzy sound that many metal drivers have. This speaker works well with standard solid state and T-amps. 20-30w/channel is recommended to maintain proper dynamic headroom

Transmission Line Cabinet (TL)

Dimensions: 43"x9 1/2"x9 1/2"

Weight 36 lb

SPL = 90 dB/w/m

F3 = 40Hz

F10 = 31Hz

Frequency Response



Frequency Response at Low Angles

FR -- Low Angles




Total Harmonic Distortion

THDBlack=2nd,Red=3rd, Blue=4th,Brown=5th,Green=6th

Cumuative Spectral Decay


Plans1 $25
Complete Speakers3 $1595 ContactMe4


Prices are for two speakers, delivered to your door. All shipping and handling is included. The cabinets are made of 3/4" 13-ply plywood, the top doubled.  Non-standard materials or finish are negotiable. If you feel that you will need grills, see Grills.

  1. Plans will be delivered as PDF documents attached to e-mail. Snail mail delivery can be arranged.
  2. Complete speakers are ready to hook up to your amplifier. The standard finishes are oak,  African mahogany, cherry or walnut, stained to your specification and finished with polyurethane varnish. For more information about available finishes, see Fit and Finish.
  3. Why Contact me? We need to discuss the finish and any other options before we can execute a contract.

The M10-A10 uses proprietary design procedures licensed to me by Martin J. King. Any commercial use of this design, including third-party construction for hire, requires a license agreement from me.

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