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I do not normally supply speakers with grills. The grill cloth and grill frame will slightly color the sound of the speaker. Also, most hard-core audiophiles want to see their drivers standing tall on the front of their speakers. This is the way I like to build speakers.


Children (of all ages from what I see in stores) like to push in speaker dust caps. If you have children or pets, particulary cats, you will want to have grills for you speakers to protect the drivers. Also, some folks do not consider bare drivers asthetically pleasing. Grills can help the speakers blend into the decor.

OK, you feel that you want your new speakers supplied with grills. Since your speaker will be custom built to your specifications, adding grills is not a problem. There are three easy solutions:

Fostex Grills

Fostex Factory Grills

This is the easiest sollution. No modifications are required to the basic speaker cabinet. I will insert 1/4" neodymium magnets into the mounting holes of the factory grills. The magnets will grip the driver mounting holes, making removal and reinsallation trivial. A charge of $80 will cover my costs of installing the Fostex factory grills.

Partial Length Grills

Partial Grills

Here a partial length grill covers the driver, but does leaves the wood finish on the lower part of the speaker exposed. The cabinet shown has raised edges rather than the rounded edges shown in the next picture. The grill is mounted with plastic pegs and sockets so that the grill can be removed for crittical listening and then replaced for protection. $50 will be added to the cost of a pair of speakers for these grills. (Note that the speaker pictured here is a old style cabinet with a slot port at the bottom. While I can provide this cabinet, I would prefer not.)

Full Length Grills

Full_Length Grills

These grills cover the entire front of the cabinet. The grills are mounted with plastic pegs and socket and easily removable. Either raised or rounded edges are availible. Again, $50 will cover my costs for these grills.

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