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Last Modified 8/13/10

One of the more popular DIY full-range drivers is the 8" Pioneer B20FU20-51FW, lovingly known as "BOFU" While is not the world's greatest driver, it is a competent driver that is reasonably forgiving about cabinet size and types. At ~$40 a piece, this is a bargin and a great driver for the DIY'er just starting to play with single driver speakers. I have not personally played with the BOFU before because it makes no sense to put a $40 driver in a $1500 cabinet. I do make plans available at modest cost, but to date, publishing plans has been an afterthought from generating commercial cabinets. But then recently BOFU went on sale for $19 a piece. I couldn't resist, so I bought four BOFU's just to play with. Eventually I will generate some plans for the DIY'er.

What is BOFU?

I opened the box upon arrival and found that I had a case of four drivers in their original box from China. The four drivers were wrapped as a unit in polyethylene sheet, each driver wrapped in a piece of cardboard and a cardboard divider between the individual drivers. Very impressive at this price point.

The BOFU has a stamped frame that is rather thin, with the outer edge rolled up and a ~1/4in paper gasket on the the front surface. Typical counstruction for low cost drivers. The cone is typical black paper with decoupling rings molded in. The whizzer cone and dust cap appear to be formed form the same piece of paper. The suround is gray foam. The magnet is a chunky piece of ceramic material and it has a bumped back plate. Construction is clean without a lot of excess glue floating around.

I broke in the four drivers for an hour and then did the basic T/S measurements.These are the nunber I got:

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